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Find us on: The 5 ears of wheat rapresents the highest score reachable for a country house. Le Mandrie di San Paolo reached 5 ears.

Welcome at Le Mandrie di San Paolo

Le Mandrie di San Paolo (the Herd of Saint Paul) is situated in an incredible panoramic view over the Umbria and Tuscany hills, only few minutes from the historical center of Assisi. It’s a place which combined history and passion. It is an oasis of nature just a few hundred meters from the UNESCO site of the Francesco Hermitage of “Le Carceri”.
Dante Alighieri, one of the most important Italian poet, described our hills in the 1300 in "The Divine Comedy" poem.

Le Mandrie is difficult to define, we believe it is not a farm, but a "project" composed of many elements: an extra-virgin olive oil bio (real Italian olive oil), clean energy and recycling of materials, indipence in termo of food (we have animals, flour), a project of recovery of traditions, a project of cooperation, music, art, flavoured with a total love for the nature). This is what we fight for.
What we hope will reach you in this place is a complex sensation that perhaps resembles to... freedom.


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Ripartiamo stamattina dopo 5 giorni passati in vostra compagnia...luogo accogliente, cordialità, genuinità e persone di cuore!!! Ringraziamo tutti voi: Alessandro, Elena, Giusy, Jhonny, il cuoco, la ragazza della cucina e le signore delle pulizie senza dimenticare il fantastico Rino ???? Sembrava di essere un famiglia grazie davvero.
Francesca,Luca e il piccolo Alessandro
14 September 2015
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