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Living certain places means accepting to be guided by their spiritus loci

Running an Agriturismo is a “noble” concept that is founded on a farm. We wanted to set up as a closed circle, as the family country houses were, a few decades ago. We therefore practice a biodynamic way of agriculture whereby the energy to plants comes from the manure of our animals, that, in turn, eat grass and hay from our land. All our fields are certified as organic.

Managing certain places means accepting to learn to work hands, to do humile works, using the body as an instrument of the intellect, it means learning that the food taste is not only chemical, but also magical. it means that transforming a tree into wooden table and then into a window or that building with stones it is not only a matter of strength, but it is leaving a mark in the time; it means that growing animals is giving them dignity among equals, being aware of the role we have in the world; it means that pruning is not cutting branches, but guiding and interpreting a flow of sap.
It means understanding the miracle of energy and therefore not wasting water, electricity and food. It means trigger a virtous cycle by producing from renewable sources: this is why the hot water in our farmhouse is obtained from the pruning and pits of the olives, as well as the main part of the electricity comes from solar source. We have reduced the consumption of single-use plastics as much as possible and converted almost all internal combustion engine equipment to battery-operated ones.

Living certain places means understanding that care is a factor that does not take time into account.
That purity takes the form of profound and constant choices.

Even the products used in the rooms are made with our olive oil and natural eccences and some mattresses are made with the wool of our sheep.

Living certain places means to accept the nature is cyclical, and that there are not certain types of vegetables all year round and that there are not only lean cuts in an animal. It means understanding that what this group of people have the desire to leave in a clean, regenerable and non-purchasable world in which motion is triggered by man, by his wishes, by his values.