Eat differently

Eating differently means choose a men or women (not by television millionaire commercials or well done advertise) but by looking for them. It means choose the hands of those who work silently in the kitchen and prepare them with care, dedication and responsibility,
of those who recognize differences in a tomato or a piece of meat
of those who serve to you, with soul to the table
Our dishes are a long journey, which starts from the fields and the stables and passes many hands and many heads.
Our simple dishes are the result of effort, plans, but also instint, desire, magic.
We don’t use preservatives, we don’t like sophistication.
We don’t pay guides to make us known, or companies that interpret algorithms to climb rankings; our dishes speak for us.
We believe that when food is the result of a process made of love and dedication, then it also nourishes the soul.
This is why we eat differently.